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Careers at Sakers

Sakers' stylists are incredibly important to us, the company places a great deal of importance on their well-being. We strive to ensure that stylists feel relaxed, rewarded, and appreciated, recognizing that a content and motivated stylist is more likely to exceed client expectations. Additionally, the company invests in the education of their team to help them expand and improve their skills.

Sakers understands the difficulties that stylists face when working in a salon that is driven by sales targets, where they are expected to upsell and serve multiple clients simultaneously. In contrast, Sakers stylists are not pressured to sell more and are given the freedom to showcase their expertise without being constrained by time. They can agree with their clients on the length of the service, enabling them to manage their own schedules accordingly.

Sakers places a high value on every member of their team and recognizes that without them, they would not have a business. It is crucial that the stylists feel a part of the brand and are able to express themselves authentically. Sakers aims to empower their stylists to be their best selves.

Want to know more? Watch a video from Richard, one of Sakers' Owners and our Stylist Director:


You are more than welcome to email us your CV so we can keep record of it.

View our current vacancies below:

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