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Welcome to Sakers

We invite you to step into our unique hair salon experience taking you on the hair journey of your own making.

The Sakers brand came to life when we united our long years of work and knowledge in the hair and service industries. Binding our experiences and expertise together, our passion for quality service, attention to detail and the need for every client and stylist to feel cherished and unique, brought together the first ideas for the Sakers brand. Aptly named after our first home together.

At Sakers, we are driven by a love for creating a warm and inviting space for our clients, as well as a passion for interior design and the art of hair. Our team is dedicated to going the extra mile in everything we do, ensuring that our clients feel at home from the moment they step into our space. We strive to remain true to our brand, we are so excited to see how far we can grow!



The Sakers Experience

tailors to each of your personal and hair treatment preferences during your time in the salon, allowing your stylist to be fully prepared in all that is you.  


You are greeted with tasty treats, vintage crockery and your drink of choice. Your stylist is with you from the minute you step into our space until the moment you leave via our ‘Voila’ reveal mirror. Using sustainable products and our stylist’s expertise, you are guided along the hair journey of your own making...



Upon booking your first appointment with us, we'll send you a questionnaire to fill out. This will help us better understand your hair journey, preferences, and needs so that our stylists can provide you with a personalized and customized service during your consultation.We want to assure you that our intention is not to intrude but to show you that we care about the details and tailor your experience to your unique needs and preferences. By having your food and drink preferences stored, we can ensure that we are fully prepared to offer you a comfortable and enjoyable experience every time you visit us.




We believe the cut is the most important part of the salon service. It must compliment the face shape, hair texture and lifestyle of who's wearing it as well as being maintainable with ease. 


The colour should enhance the cut and ideally add shine, texture and bring the cut to life. I believe colour should add different dimensions to a style and help highlight your skin tones bringing confidence to everything that is you.  



When washing your hair always use a professional salon product free from sulphates and silicons. Sulphates strip away too much moisture leaving the hair dry and unhealthy and silicon puts a layer around each hair which builds up over time preventing any goodness getting into the hair follicle. This can also prevent chemical treatments from working. We always prefer to use organic products free from any chemicals. 


Styling your hair should be seamless with as little effort as possible. Your stylist should always show you how to recreate your style using the relevant products to help.



A Sustainable Future

We are committed to ensuring Sakers is sustainable across as many of our products and services as possible and every effort is made to purchase our salon home comforts through reclaimed, vintage and reusable sources where possible. We are dedicated to continually researching environmental improvements within the hair industry and how we can implement these as we begin our journey and in the future. 

The Products we Use


‘Oway’ wash and style. Oway commit to progressing along the path of eliminating plastic from their packaging in favour of glass and aluminium.  They are committed to minimizing environmental impact at every level of production They create concentrated Agri cosmetic products, rich in pure plant-based active ingredients with a high percentage of performing substances. Their products therefore guarantee results using small doses, limiting waste.


Organic Colours


‘Insight’ is our colour range of choice. Insight use organic products and recyclable packaging across their colour range. Choosing non allergen fragrances across their brand they ensure ingredients remain colourant free. Their colour formulation with a low content of ammonia gives you shiny hair while respecting the hair fibre and protecting it from possible damage. Thanks to Phytokeratin, argan oil and grape seed butter, it ensures a restructuring and conditioning action.

In our Salons

When we first planned the design of our flagship salon, we took the time to reuse, recycle and buy vintage wherever we could. Every detail was thought through, and we believe we have done all we can to give the salon a clean, professional and homely environment with all the special touches it deserves. We spent many nights searching though websites, visiting people's homes to collect their unwanted treasures and worked tirelessly to bring them to life with a lot of help from friends and family. Many of the main salon furniture items have been upcycled and inventively used to give the right feel. We avoided buying new wood to make our partition by reusing old bookshelves and the soft throws you sit on are in fact from coats people no longer wanted! (washed of course) Cabinets have been touched up and all the mirrors are reclaimed, we are so happy with the result, and we hope you are too.  



Price List

If you have come to this spot to find a price list, it’s here but with a difference. At Sakers we believe clients should receive our service tailored to their specific requirements. Everyone has a different hair style, colour request, hair length and type. Not everyone wants a cut after and some wish for special hair treatments on top.We tailor everything to you and the time required to complete your look! ALL treatments are included in the time allocated so there are no hidden extras or upsells to worry about. 

Our consultation process allows our stylists to understand you, your hair and your hair journey plans. This is the point where we advise how long your first appointment should take to include all of your hair treatment wishes.Your future appointment times will be guided by your hair journey. 

Therefore, along with your tasty treats and drink of choice, your treatments and the finish you desire, we charge using an
hourly pricing structure to incorporate everything.


Meet the Stylist Team

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Our Booking Process


On our booking portal, we provide a list of services available with timings allocated depending on your requirements. However, if you have any uncertainties or questions, we highly recommend scheduling a FREE consultation with us. This will allow us to guide you and determine the appropriate amount of time needed for your desired experience. Please keep in mind that our stylists may not be able to accommodate all of your requests within your chosen time slot. Therefore, it is important not to assume a specific duration until after we have met with you. For your first visit, it is crucial that we are aware of your hair plans to ensure a stress-free and unhurried experience for both you and your stylist.

Please visit our booking portal for some guidance on treatments and timings.
Pricing is for the total duration of the experience you choose and includes all products, treatments, drinks and treats of your choosing. Further details are required to secure your booking so please do go and have a look around.

If this is your first booking with us or if anywhere during your hair journey, you want to check in and have a chat about a change before your next appointment, please book a 15 minute complementary consultation before your booking so your stylist can really understand your requirements and have all the knowledge to meet your expectations. We highly recommend this for your first visit to Sakers. 

Patch Test

These are required before your first colour treatment, and we also recommend after you have had the dreaded Covid as this can change your skin sensitivity. Questions on this are included in your pre-first visit questionnaire too.Just pop into the salon at least 48 hours before your appointment and we’ll take care of it or book a patch test slot with us online. If you’re coming in for a consultation a couple of days before your appointment, we can of course complete the test at the same time.


We do ask you to be on time for your appointment as a late arrival could cut short your appointment and have a knock-on effect to the next client's appointment. You can check in early at Nizels reception which will automatically notify your stylist you are here. If you have been with us before and know where you are going, you are more than welcome to come up to the salon and wait on our cosy chairs or make use of the Nizels Bar if you prefer. We do not have a host, so we please ask you not to disturb our stylists if they are with other clients at the time of your arrival in the salon. Make yourself comfortable and we will service you with a smile and a drink as soon as we can.

We’re fairly relaxed, but have a few house rules that keep things running smoothly and help us deliver the best service possible. Please make sure you read them before booking an appointment.


We hope we don’t have to go along the road of deposit taking, we trust you want to come and see us and will give us notice if you cannot make it for any reason. This may change but for now, please respect the huge impact a no show has on the team and the business. Please give us as much notice if you need to change or cancel so we can give the slot to another waiting client. We do have a cancellation policy and these charges will be applied to your booking card if not followed.


We are cashless for all treatments and services. We welcome all major credit/debit cards.  

If you would like to thank your stylist with a tip, please may we ask for cash only.  


We know that things come up and you may need to cancel your appointment. Please give us as much notice as possible so we have time to fill your slot — under 48 hours and you’ll have to pay.

48 hours — no charge
24 hours — 50% charge
No show — 100% charge

Cancellations due to Covid: We absolutely encourage our clients at this time to stay safe and adhere to government guidelines in connection with the Coronavirus pandemic, however the disruption and cancellation of appointments at the last minute are having a severely damaging effect on our business and the industry as a whole. Please be aware that all cancellations due to Covid will be subject to our cancellation policy, however customers that can show a positive LF test result will not be charged.

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