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Sakers complimentary consultation is the perfect opportunity for you to relax and discuss what you would like to achieve with your hair in a comfortable environment. Our experienced stylists will provide one-on-one attention to ensure they truly understand your desired look and are happy with their suggestions and the Sakers environment.​

Just like you wouldn't get braces without a dentist's help or choose a new car without professional advice and a test drive, your hair should also receive expert guidance. Our skilled hair stylists love when clients seek their help and advice. They have the knowledge to determine what will work best for your face shape, skin tone, lifestyle, and maintenance commitment.​


If you're considering a new hair color or a complete restyle, a hair consultation is especially beneficial. Our fabulous team will happily discuss your options with you. By assessing your base color, they can determine which colors will work for your hair and guide you towards achieving your optimum shade. Hair is unique for everyone, including the shade, texture, length, and condition. Therefore, consulting with a trained professional is essential to receive advice on possible colors and those that may not be suitable.

​Don't miss out on the opportunity to book a complementary consultation as a new or existing client of Sakers. We are here to learn all that is you so we can begin the hair journey of your own making! 

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