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Sakers complimentary consultation is the perfect opportunity for you to relax and discuss what you would like to achieve with your hair in a comfortable environment. Our experienced stylists will provide one-on-one attention to ensure they truly understand your desired look and are happy with their suggestions and the Sakers environment.​

Did you know, the forms you diligently fill in when you make your first booking are for us to know all your hair troubles, your likes and dislikes and your goals for the perfect style and colour. They are referred to everytime you come in so our stylists can ensure you have the ultimate experience at each and every visit to Sakers. 


We are currently building a list of all your birthdays too so we can help you celebrate your specials day. Please let us know on the form or when you come in so we don't miss you out, we only need your day and month!

​To make life a little easier, our wonderful Nicola will be holding a few consultation sessions within the Pulse Bar at Nizels over the next couple of weeks.

Our first being the 12th September from 11am - 2pm. 

Come and say Hi, have a chat about your hair and learn all about Sakers and what we can do to help you on your hair journey

(consultations on a first come, first served basis)

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