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Pricing Made Easy

We understand our pricing structure is a little different and can be confusing. At Sakers we believe clients should receive our service tailored to their specific requirements.

Everyone has a different hair style, colour request, hair length and type. You are individual not another number in the diary!


 Not everyone wants a cut after and some wish for special hair treatments on top. We tailor everything to you and the time required to complete your look! ALL treatments are included in the time allocated so there are no hidden extras or upsells to worry about.

Find out more about our hourly pricing structure

Our FREE consultation process allows our stylists to understand you, your hair and your hair journey plans. This is the point where we advise how long your first appointment should take to include all of your hair treatment wishes. Your future appointment times will be guided by your hair journey.

You can book this in person via our portal or alternatively, complete our Online Consultation Form and we will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss your requirements and book you in for the time you need.

Still not sure? Let's help you decide...

Here is an example of what is included in a traditional salon vs. a Sakers salon.

Traditional Salon




Tea/Coffee/Biscuit Refreshments

2-3 Stylists completing various parts of your service

Extra Costs:

- Toner

- Conditioning Treatments

- Alcoholic Drinks

- Parking

Targeted Upselling

Branded Products in Salon


5-10 other clients in at the same time

Sakers Salon

15 Minute Free Consultation




Drink of Choice (including Alcohol)

Nibbles of choice from a selection

Same Stylist for the duration of your visit


Conditioning Treatments

FREE Parking

Extra Costs:

- None.

No Upselling. We do not hold retail styling products.


Max. 3 clients in at the same time

Have we convinced you? Yes, we are different, unique and a little quirky. We want your hair experience to be all about you!

Once you have booked your FIRST visit to Sakers, keep an eye out for our experience questionnaire. This is sent to you before your first visit and includes some key questions about you, your hair, your treats and the experience you want to have whilst we take you on the hair journey of your own making!

Some examples of hair treatment timings

(These are guidelines and will vary depending on your hair type, length and goal).

Ladies Cut & Blowdry - 1 Hour

Gents Cut & Dry - 30-45 Minutes

Half Head Highlight or Tint, Cut & Blowdry - 2-2.5 Hours

Full Head Highlights, Cut & Blowdry - 3-4 Hours

Balayage - 3-4 Hours

We tailor the time to you, your hair and your hair journey.

We look forward to welcoming you to Sakers!

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