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Tip Of The Month

The Sakers team love to share their knowledge with you so here is our tip of the month and a little bit of stylist jargon to keep you in the loop with salon talk! 

Tip of The Month 


When you lay down for a night's rest, have you thought how much the pillow you sleep on has an affect on your hair? 

We are sure you have seen all the hype over silk pillowcases and their benefits to your skin but they also have a major benefit to your hair too! 

Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture, not only from your skin, but also your hair. This can cause bed hair, split ends, and breakage. Silk keeps your hair and skin cool and reduces friction and frizz whilst you sleep!

Our owner Caroline vouches for silk! Her naturally curly, frizz prone hair thanks her every morning.. 

The silk option comes at a cost but the damage caused by cotton does too..


Salon Jargon

THE WORLD OF BOBS - some highlights

Bob - a bob haircut is hair terminology for when the weight line of the haircut falls around your chin or ears.

A-Line Bob - a type of bob that is longer in the front then it is in the back, resembling a capital “A.”

Lob -  is a long version of a bob. The weight line should fall around your collar bones.

Choppy Bob - has a form of layering that adds texture.

French Bob - shorter than chin length, a blunt cut with movement.

Graduated Bob - this builds weight from the nape of the neck creating an angled look down to the jaw line.

A Bob with Graduation - yes this is different! this is a standard bob with the very bottom edge graduated, used to build weight and add thickness



JULY 2023

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