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Tip Of The Month

The Sakers team love to share their knowledge with you so here is our tip of the month and a little bit of stylist jargon to keep you in the loop with salon talk! 

Tip of The Month 











MATURE HAIR - how to keep it in tip top condition


It’s an undisputed fact that as we age our hair, once our crowning glory, becomes thinner and weaker

As we age the growth cycle of our hair changes. The rate of growth slows down as the hair follicles start to rest

We experience colour loss and hair will not appear as thick as it once was. To combat this we tend to use more chemical treatments such as colourants, perms and styling aids such as heated rollers, tongs and hair dryers for blow waving with the result that hair becomes weaker - unless it is kept in tip top condition

Some key pointers for fabulous hair: 

  • An obvious one I know but, shampoo regularly and use a conditioner to give it shine


  • If your hair is fine, only use the conditioner on the ends and avoid heavy conditioners which will weigh the hair down and give you lank locks. Fine hair also benefits from using a volumiser product applied before styling


  • Give yourself a regular scalp massage or let your stylist treat you during your wash. Apply conditioner or a treatment hair masque first and then gently knead your skull - its also a wonderful stress relieving treatment


  • You could try sleeping on a silk pillow - great for your face too! 


  • Hair becomes grey due to a lack of melanin and can appear dull as it lacks reflectivity. Grey hair is also coarser and dryer, so try to cut back on hairspray where you can - the alcohol in hairspray can dry your hair out with repeated use, and the polymers that keep your hair in place can make your hair look even more dull


  • Keeping the same hairstyle is one of the biggest age giveaways, so changing it up could be for the best. Work with your stylist to pick the right cut for your face shape to enhance all of your beautiful features


  • When wishing to colour your hair, permanents will give the best coverage but they will need toping up every 4-6 weeks. You can add highlights to your natural colour to give a longer lasting look instead 

If you are looking for a change in hair style, need some advice on colour or just want to let someone else look after your locks, the Sakers team are ready and waiting to listen, advise and transform! 


Salon Jargon... 

Some Cutting Terminology 
you may hear in the salon

Blunt Cut When the scissors are held horizontal to the comb, cutting all hair the same length
Choppy - A very textured haircut, in which all the different pieces are different lengths. It is often created with a razor
Crew Cut - A short, tapered haircut in which the hair is extremely short on the top of the head and graduates to longer hair in the front
Feathery - This hair terminology refers to the act of softening hard lines in a haircut
Graduation - When hair “graduates” from short to long. Typically this refers to the back of a bob or face-framing
Razor Cut - Using a razor blade, or comb with razor blades in it to cut the hair. This type of haircut is not perfectly even, and is very textured, giving a softer look than scissor cuts
Tapered - Hair terminology that means to gradually lessen. It is popular to taper short hairstyles so that the perimeter blends without a hard line

Undercut - This is a type of haircut in which the top is left longer than the bottom, leaving an overhang. It can be very subtle, as in a bob haircut where the undercut is used to make the haircut flip under. It could refer to the the very popular look right now, where the whole nape of the neck is shaved and the rest of the hair is still regular length


September 2023

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